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Meet The Founder

Who's Ossama Radwan ?!
Ossama Radwan is the Founder of the new Fitness and Dancing concept iChoreofit. Co-founder of Body Shapers Egypt Gym & Body Shapers Academy, which provides both local and international training certificates and workshops. Internationally recognized fitness expert with 20 years of experience in the Fitness world. Personal trainer & nutritionist and One of the representatives of the IDEA World Fitness Convention.

Ossama Radwan travels the world transferring his experiences and coming back with rich ones as well. Also Ossama Radwan was a personal trainer for over 20 years. He then shifted his path to health and nutrition. After that, He finally landed on group training and chose it as a way of teaching. He started allocating aerobics clients in groups and playing music that they can dance to. He saw how this technique motivated everyone in the class and delayed any signs of fatigue.

ossama radwan at hurghadah event

Somewhere along the journey, he started coming up with his own choreography. He started teaching the moves to his clients, who enjoyed them very much. Around the same time, he launched Body Shapers. Body Shapers was not like any regular gym. It was a personal training challenges space. The challenges included choreography and music, which people loved.

He used to gather the clients of all trainers in gyms that he used to work at in one session. Every trainer would take a slot and coach all the clients. He traveled to many countries to work and follow his passion. When he came back, he joined many big names in the fitness industry such as Gold’s Gym, Platinum, and Samia Allouba, some as a personal trainer and some as a group trainer. He then went back to the United States, joined many institutes, and was given many awards and certificates.