The Exciting & Extremely
Rewarding Career

Prospective Participants May Join As

iChoreo Educators

Produces presents , teaches as well as promotes events/workshops of iChoreo Fitness Dance programs.

iChoreo Promoters

Experienced in the promotion, advertisement and presentation of iChoreo Fitness Dance programs in Gyms, Academies, Studios, Fitness Centers, Dancing Academies, and Training Centers.

iChoreo Choreographer

Choreographer creates new fitness or dance choreographies for use in the iChoreo fitness dance program.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to this movement and we are confident that with the right people we can give iChoreo the place it truly deserves not just amongst dance and fitness programs but also as a beneficial lifestyle choice.

Contribute to iChoreo’s further success by joining us today, as without knowledgeable, enthusiastic and professional instructors this entire new concept would not be possible.


You may choose more than one

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Body Shapers 9 El Adel St, Abu Bakr, Zamalek


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