What is iChoreofit?

iChoreo is a new Fitness/Dance workout innovation that has a five main complete fitness and dancing training programs that covers all people goals and needs, using the main health components of Cardio, Fitness, Strength, Toning Dancing, Mood boosting and Flexibility.

iChoreofit is for both, brand new instructors and the experienced ones who need to develop their skills and techniques, It takes them to a whole new level of exploration during classes. It is a concept that applies NO COPY PASTE choreography between instructors.

iChoreofit is the only program in the Arab world that expanding by the day around the world and has become officially accredited and approved by the one of the world leading fitness associations AFAA/NASM


iChoreo covers everybodys goals and needs using all the main health components: Cardio, Fitness, Speed, Strength and flexibility


You never want an iChoreo class to end, as in each class we travel around the world’s rhythms: Middle Eastern, Bollywood, Brazilian Funk, Hip hop, Samba, Latin, Afro


The individual overall health level is determined by the mental and physical well being. Do not neglect either of them

iChoreo Programs


What would be better or stronger than creating your own choreographies applying the iChoreo elements into your Choreography Fitness/Dancing, Strength, Cardio, easy to follow and a lot of Fun. Using the main health components of Cardio, Fitness, Strength, Toning Dancing, Mood boosting and Flexibility.


Your Pill is your Will Power! The Magic Pill is a personal training group challenge. It’s a 30 day challenge against yourself to change your body shape. This is achieved by dropping excess body fat, increasing muscle mass and therefore sculpting your body into its best shape


Train & Dance to The Arabic Beats

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Dance Like a Pro

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Seek You Best Posture

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Meet The Founder

Ossama Radwan

A world-class renowned Internationally recognized choreographer, fitness & dance expert with 20 years of experience in the fitness world, after he shifted his path to health and nutrition, he started coming up with his own choreography ..

iChoreo Co-Founders

Meet our beloved highly trained professionals team that ready to provide the best service & help.

Sara Shawky

iChoreo Education Manager

Abby Brewer

iChoreo Legal Manager

Mohamed Khodary

iChoreo Media Production Manager

Yomna Ashraf

iChoreo Sales Manager

Maria Fouad

iChoreo Business Executive Manager

Nesma Khatib

iChoreo Marketing Manager

Nancy Wahba

iChoreo Event & Corporate Manager

What instructors are saying

Amazing program with great music it is very fun Ichoreo changed my life best way to workout the team is the best they are always there to support us as instructors iChoreo is the best ever

Hadeer Dero


Only with i choreo you can travel the world in one hour & express yourself 💃🏻❤️

Kenzy Elsawi


when you feel sad ! dance 😊 i don't need wings. Dancers don’t need wings to fly. ichoreo is life.



Am in love with the iChoreo, it's an amazing program, and we are a big family, iChoreo and proud ❤️

Ahmed Mekawy


I fell in love with ichoreo, as I learned how to make my own choreography, choose my music, and be myself ❤️ It took my passion to the highest level.

Rana Gamal


The true meaning of passion, simplicity and positivity is one team, one family is ichoreo❤️😍

Sarah Hammam


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