Your Pill is your Will Power.

Do you like to go for challenges?
Is changing people lives is one of your pleasures?
Do you care about people living healthier and happier?
Then you definitely should go for the iChoreo MagicPill Trainer Certification.

Strength exercises, gravity training, static exercises, high and low impact cardio, toning techniques, Taebo, dynamic training, Agility, Plyometrics, Core, then ending with stretches and elongation exercises is how the MagicPill class looks like.

In the MagicPill training you will learn the following


Provide nutrition consultation and know how to read food labels. Proper Assessments and analyze the body composition (Fat and muscle mass).


Because MagicPill is one of the iChoreo 5 Programs you will learn how to build your class full structure by your own and have a unique fine piece of Choreography.


Apply a profession and healthy standard body site measurements. Take before and after pictures for your people, and how to achieve different healthy goals.

Weight Lifting

Strength Exercises

Gravity Training

Static Exercises

High & Low Impact Cardio

Toning Techniques


Dynamic Training