iChoreo FitMix

Travel the World in One Hour

ichoreo fitmix travel the world in one hour

Travel to a new level of exploration during classes.

We are looking for new and experienced instructors. We welcome all prospective instructors and enthusiastic promoters to become part of this exciting new movement.

The perfect theme for this generation of inter-connectivity and globalization

iChoreo certified instructors can post their own choreography on iChoreo’s website which can then be shared, enjoyed and experienced by other enthusiasts around the world.

Diverse Cultures

Diverse Music

Diverse Choreography

iChoreo FitMix is for anyone who wants to become a fitness dance instructor, performer, dancer, wants to learn new styles of dance and fitness inspired by dance & music. likes to be different in this career who doesn't like copy paste Choreographies and likes creativity.

What you`ll learn?

iChoreo FitMix program contain 10 different Rhythms. As music one of the main elements that makes classes special and successful, iChoreo created an amazing music library to make their instructors provide a unique playlist.

Brazilian Funk

Middle Eastern Funk