iChoreofit is both accredited and supported from AFAA & NASM, two of the top fitness providers institutes in the world.

NASM is at the forefront of the personal training industry, renowned for its quality certification, specializations, workshops, an exciting annual Optima conference, and a world-class online learning platform. NASM, with its strength in personal training, and AFAA with its unparalleled work in group exercise, together represent a powerhouse organization, very likely the largest in the world, with an outreach topping a half million..

The idea behind the brand name is to make whoever made the choreography satisfied, it’s like someone is saying ‘ it is my choreography’ 😃

iChoreofit is the leading of fitness dance since 2017

At iChoreofit, the trainers is the one who creates the moves. He or she is free to create whatever they feel like. Simply, the team give trainers all the fundamentals and let them get creative. However, they have to assess every trainer first. Another advantage is that clients get to experience more than one type of dancing during the same class; this can be hip-hop, Bollywood, Latin, Middle-Eastern or something else. if a trainer is iChoreofit certified, he or she can use the dances or even just the music of other iChoreo trainers. Another thing that differentiates iChoreofit is the music tracks.

  • Anyone who wants to become a fitness dance instructor/performer/dancer.
  • Anyone who wants to learn new styles of dance and fitness.
  • Anyone who is inspired by dance and fitness.
  • Anyone who likes to be different in this career .
  • Anyone who doesn't like copy paste Choreographies.
  • Anyone who likes creativity.

iChoreofit has 5 different programs: Fit Mix, MagicPill, Arabica, iDance, iFlex. iChoreofit class lasts up to 60 minutes. It starts with a warmup that lasts from 5 to 8 minutes and a cooldown that lasts from 4 to 8 minutes.

You can become an official certified iChoreofit instructor by attending the iChoreofit, check out our upcoming workshops 💪

You can find it here and all the contacts information of iChoreofit.