IChoreo FitMix Workshop Certification


iChoreo is a new Fitness/Dance workout innovation that has a complete fitness and dancing training programs that covers all people goals and needs, using the main health components of Cardio, Fitness, Strength, Toning Dancing, Mood boosting and Flexibility.

• Anyone who wants to become a fitness dance instructor/performer/dancer.
• Anyone who wants to learn new styles of dance and fitness.
• Anyone who is inspired by dance and fitness.
• Anyone who likes to be different in thIs career .
• Anyone who doesn’t like copy paste Choreographies.
• Anyone who likes creativity.


What would be better or stronger than creating your own choreographies applying the iChoreo elements intto your Choreography
1- Fitness/Dancing
2- Strength
3- Cardio
4- Simple easy to follow
5- Fun

In each class you travel around the world RHYTHMS:
•Hip Hop
•Middle Eastern Funk
•Brazilian Funk

For more strength we added

– As MUSIC is one of the main elements that makes classes special and successful, iChoreo created an amazing music library to make their instructors provide a unique playlist.

– iChoreo is for both, brand new instructors and the experienced ones who need to develop their skills and techniques, It takes them to a whole new level of exploration during classes.

It is a concept that applies NO COPY PASTE choreography between instructors.

– For registration and to become a Professional iChoreo Dance Fitness Instructor please call